Luke Edward Hall

Figs and Honey and Sailing

Luke's third solo exhibition of drawings, paintings and ceramics opened at The Breeder in Athens in January 2021.

'Dancing sailors, somber princes, rustic gods and lovers. Half men-half wild beasts, lonesome shepherds and lords of mythic islands. Fruit sellers, fishermen, soldiers and ancient statues. Dark eyes, pink cheeks. Flowers and olives and urns and waves and wine. Mountain wilds, craggy shorelines, a bar on a square at midnight and an emerald glade glimpsed through swirling vines. A love letter to beauty and a land. A land I wish I knew better, but one that is truly alive in my imagination.'

Much of what Hall attempts to evoke in his drawings is a time and place, one that relates to his experiences but takes on an otherworldly aura in memory. In his new body of work, he is wittingly mixing history and archetypes, populating his canvases with bucolic Grecian scenes as well as English prototypes of the sailor or the fisherman. Positioning his protagonists in a world filled with colour and his distinctive motifs, Hall’s works seem to narrate open-ended short stories which the viewers are invited to interpret in their own way.

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