Luke Edward Hall

Luke Edward Hall is an English artist and designer, and columnist. Luke’s philosophy is shaped by his love of storytelling and fantasy. His colourful work is often inspired by history, filtered through a lens of irreverent romanticism.

Since founding his studio in 2015, Luke has worked on a broad range of commissions, from interior design and fashion projects to murals and illustration work for books, restaurants and hotels. He has collaborated with a variety of companies and institutions including Burberry, Lanvin, Ginori 1735, Svenskt Tenn and Rubelli. Luke exhibits his drawings and paintings internationally with Athens-based gallery The Breeder. In March 2019 he joined the Financial Times as a weekly columnist in FT Weekend, answering readers’ questions on aesthetics, interior design and stylish living.

Luke's exhibition of drawings, paintings and ceramics, Figs and Honey and Sailing, opened at The Breeder in Athens in January 2021.

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Paris is always a good idea...

Hotel Les Deux Gares, a new thirty-eight bedroom hotel in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, and Cafe Les Deux Gares, a bistro opposite, opened in October 2020, with interior design and art direction by Luke.

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Listen to Luke discuss his work and inspirations on The AD Aesthete podcast with Mitchell Owens, Architectural Digest Decorative Arts Editor.

Revel in Diana Vreeland’s pearls of wisdom in this new book about the legendary fashion editor.

Sourced and edited by Diana Vreeland's grandson Alexander Vreeland, Diana Vreeland: Bon Mots: Words of Wisdom from the Empress of Fashion was published by Rizzoli in March 2020. Brought to life with drawings by Luke, it vividly displays Mrs. Vreeland's original thought and speech, which is equally as inspiring now as it was when she was alive.

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On plates, chargers, tea cups, vases and more, we see mighty rulers caught in ocean winds, cloaks billowing, and riding chariots pulled by seahorses, the green of their skin and blank white eyes recalling long forgotten ancient bronze statues.

Café Les Deux Gares is situated across the street from Hotel Les Deux Gares and is Luke's take on the classic Parisian bistro.

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