Luke Edward Hall


Amaru is Luke's latest interior design project. Located inside the historic Kulm Hotel in St. Moritz, Amaru is a Peruvian restaurant helmed by chef Claudia Canessa. Named after the mythical serpent of the Incas, Amaru opened for bookings in early December 2023.

Photography by Billal Taright

The grand entrance at the Kulm Hotel was the first of its kind.

"This project for me was all about weaving together the mountainous locations of St. Moritz and Peru. We didn’t alter the architecture of the room, and luckily we had some fabulous existing elements to play with. The vaulted ceiling of the restaurant I decided to emphasise by commissioning the London-based artist Timna Woollard to cover with a mural depicting oversized wildflowers of the Engadin region, in which St. Moritz is nestled. I did make one fairly major adjustment however, by installing glossy olive green lacquered panelling around the entire room, the studded design of which takes its inspiration from a Spanish Baroque door."

– Luke Edward Hall

"I hope that guests will feel a tangible connection between the landscape, the cooking, and the interior. At the same time, my approach is an eclectic, romantic and theatrical one. After all, when I visit a restaurant, I want to be transported somewhere more fantastical. I want to enter into another world, but this has to feel connected to something real."

– Luke Edward Hall

In addition to his interior design and art direction work for Amaru, Luke was commissioned by the Kulm to work on branding elements for the hotel. His sketches have been printed on cotton tote bags; each guest will receive a bag when they check in.

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