Luke Edward Hall


For over 30 years, Talisman has offered a vision of another world - a place of luxurious colour, a sense of theatre and peerless quality. Founded in Dorset in 1982 and transplanted into London in 2006, Talisman’s expansive art deco store on New Kings Road was the go-to emporium for those in search of exceptional design before it closed its doors in the summer of 2019.

For London Design Festival 2017, Talisman turned their New Kings Road showroom into a striking 'house' and gave eight designers, including Luke, a room each to decorate using pieces from Talisman's vast collection of furniture, lighting, art and accessories. Luke created a Disco Drawing Room - a dark den for late night cocktail parties, inspired by interiors from the 1970s.

Luke put down a shocking fuchsia carpet, painted the walls chocolate brown and orange and installed a giant disco ball. Antiques on show included a shoal of magnificent Murano glass fish suspended from the ceiling and pairs of stone sphinxes and 17th century marble busts. To complete the room, Luke painted Bacchanalia-inspired murals on two walls and customised a set of Talisman stools with his mischievous painted faces.

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