Luke Edward Hall

Profumi Luchino

Profumi Luchino is a new home collection of fragrant candles and collectibles, created by Luke in collaboration with Ginori 1735 and inspired by his travels and the places he loves.

Photography by James Harvey-Kelly

Profumi Luchino was born out of a certain nostalgia for old-fashioned apothecaries’ stores – the kind that can still be sought out in Florence and Rome, which often sell their own fragrances as well as herbs and medicines. Its name is, of course, a play on Luke’s own, coupled with the Italian word for perfume.

These first five fragrances celebrate some of Luke’s favourite destinations, and conjure up imaginary buildings that capture the spirit of the place, from a Gothick folly in the Cotswolds to a log cabin on the Californian coast, a Venetian palazzo to a riad in Marrakech.

Presented in classic Ginori 1735 vessels, each fragrance is paired with its own collectable plate and vide poche featuring one of Luke’s alluring hand-drawn designs, as well as a unique sculpted porcelain ‘souvenir’ inspired by the stories behind them.

Autumn. Skeins of mist hang across the valley, and long shadows fill Fox Thicket. Deep inside the wood stands a Gothick folly. Within it is an untenanted room, warmly lit by beeswax candles and a crackling fire. Books are heaped on every surface. The under-gardener has built a bonfire in the kitchen garden. There will be mischief in the ancient woods tonight.

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