Luke Edward Hall

English National Opera

English National Opera is one of the two principal opera companies based in London and is resident at the London Coliseum in Covent Garden. English National Opera is dedicated to one simple aim: making opera for everyone. The company has been producing creatively daring opera to an internationally recognised standard since being founded in 1931 as Sadler’s Wells Opera.

In September 2019, English National Opera unveiled a new annual project to redesign the safety curtain in the London Coliseum’s auditorium. Named in honour of long-standing ENO collaborator Sir Jonathan Miller, the new Jonathan Miller Safety Curtain will be commissioned each season, giving the London Coliseum a canvas to showcase new and innovative design. Each year a new artist will be invited to design the curtain. Luke was the first artist to undertake this project.

Luke's inspiration for the curtain design came from the Coliseum itself and the Roman grandeur of its richly decorated interior. He drew upon his love of the mythology of Ancient Greece and Rome and created a scene in which Orpheus, the legendary poet and musician, is seen playing his violin beside the lyre-playing Apollo, god of music and dance.

'I wanted the artwork to feel magical, mysterious and dreamlike. I believe opera and theatre should transport viewers from their ordinary everyday existences to a place of fantasy - I hope my design will help to prepare them for the adventure.’

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