Luke Edward Hall


Established in 1961, the French perfume house of Diptyque is renowned for its eau de parfum, eau de toilette and scented candles. Its original boutique is still located at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain in the 5th arrondissement of Paris.

In celebration of its 60th anniversary, Luke collaborated with Diptyque in the spring of 2021 on the release of its new limited edition fragrance, Ilio. Luke illustrated the iconic oval label and packaging for Diptyque's Ilio eau de toilette and hair mist, along with a small selection of summer products including a candle and summer body spray.

On the coast, the rocky cliffs plunge into waves caressed by the sun. The sea stretches to the horizon to meet the sky. For diptyque's founders, the Mediterranean was the 'landscape of the soul'. This is where they came in the summer, to relax and repose in the heart of unspoilt nature.

Luke captures the Mediterranean coast bathed in light. The wind blows through the trees and, in the distance, a house is framed by the sky.

To celebrate the release of the collection, Luke compiled a summer diary for Diptyque: a digital scrap book based around his favourite locations in the Mediterranean.

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