Luke Edward Hall

Chateau Orlando

Creatively helmed by Luke, Chateau Orlando is a new brand for the person and home. Known for an output that extends across art, interior and product design, fashion and writing, Luke presents a bold and optimistic new chapter: introducing itself with a knitwear collection, Chateau Orlando marries equal measures hazy romanticism with a bold and playful approach to colour and pattern.

Postcards from the Castle, Chateau Orlando's debut collection of knitwear and home accessories, launched online at and at Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Paris in February 2022.

‘When creating our trellis, leaf and flower patterns, I imagined stumbling into a lost garden within the walls of a medieval castle on a brilliant spring afternoon, falling under its spell and setting up home there among the ancient trees and crenelations.’

– Luke Edward Hall

Luke weaves together an eclectic mix of influences: ancient and contemporary art, old houses and gardens, vintage clothing, 1980s pop music, folklore and mythology, flowers, books and travel. Much of what Luke attempts to evoke in his work is a sense of time and place, one that relates to his experiences but takes on an otherworldly aura in memory...

Postcards from the Castle

Photography by Billal Taright

Styling by Michael Darlington

Chateau Orlando is powered by Wemanage, a Milan-based management consulting firm specialising in market strategy for fashion and lifestyle brands.

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