Luke Edward Hall

A Kind of Magic

A Kind of Magic: The Kaleidoscopic World of Luke Edward Hall is Luke's second book. Published by Vendome in the autumn of 2022, this flamboyant volume explores Luke's romantic, colourful universe through his homes and workspaces, drawing on his myriad influences, from local mythology and folklore to 1980s pop music and all things Baroque.

Luke's Cotswolds cottage and studio and London apartment exist as creative laboratories, forming the backdrop to his interior, product and fashion design, as well as his painting, drawing, and writing.

"Home: it’s what this book is all about. Home, mostly, plus a bit of work. For me though the boundaries between home and work are very blurry, which is just how I like them. It’s a book about my spaces, the three spaces I spend most of my time in: our flat in London, our countryside cottage and my studio, which is also in the countryside. I say ‘our’ because the first two I share with my husband Duncan. These are spaces that we have made together: they’re the sum of us, our interests and our passions. The studio on the other hand is my own domain, and I like to think of it as a kind of fabulous creative cave. I work at home sometimes, but the studio is the place in which I can spread out all my books, get paint up the walls and leave tea cups and paintbrushes in the sink if I want to."

– Luke Edward Hall

Photography for the book was carried out by Luke's friend and long-term collaborator, Billal Taright.

"Along with the photographs, you will come across short essays on things that I love and relate to our homes and my work: past artists and designers that inspire; local folklore; old clothes; a couple of recipes for a pudding and a cocktail we often make. My drawings feature throughout, and in the studio section you will find snippets of projects: the hotel in Paris I designed the interiors for; my new clothing company; sketches for murals..."

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